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12- 10ml Gold and Clear Glass Roller Bottles

24- 10ml Gold and Clear Glass for Roller Blends

24-10ml Amber Roller Bottles

24- 5 ML Amber Roller Bottles

24- 3ml Clear Roller Bottles


12- 1 oz. Amber Spray Bottles 

12- 2 oz. Clear Glass Spray Bottles

10- 30 ml Clear Plastic Spray Bottles


50- 1/4 Oil Sample Amber Drams

100- 1/4 Oil Sample Amber Drams


15ml Dropper Bottles

5ml Dropper Bottles

3ml Dropper Bottles

1ml Dropper Bottles

2ml Gold/White Dropper Bottles


1 ML Clear Roller Bottles

3 ML Roller Bottles Bottles

3 ML Perfume Roller Bottles

1oz. Lip Balm Tins

Lip Balm Tubes

4oz. Tin Cans with Lids

2- 16 oz. Spray Bottles

16 oz. Spray Bottles, Rollers, 2 oz. Spray Bottle Kit

6- 16 oz. Spray Bottles + Roller Bottles


2- Amber Foaming Hand Soap Bottles

6- Foaming Hand Soap Bottles

12- Foaming Hand Soap Bottles

Foaming Hand Soap Pump


Set of 2 Shampoo and Conditioner Pump Bottles

Set of 4 32 oz. Laundry Pump Bottles

Set of 4- Bronze Plastic Foaming Hand Soap Bottles

Liquid Soap Pump

Silicone Molds (bath bombs)

Bath Bomb Dinosaur Silicone Mold
Bath Bomb Duck Silicone Molds

Bath Bomb Leaf Molds

Rectangle Soap Mold



2 Pack Castile Soap

Fractionated Coconut Oil for Roller Blends (Liquid)

Refined Coconut Oil for Balms and Butters (Hard)

Jojoba Oil

Washing Powder (laundry and dishes)


Baking Soda

Vitamin E

Dried Lavender Buds

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Citric Acid

Washing Powder

Goat Milk Soap Base



500 ml Large Room Diffuser

12- Pack Dryer Balls

Wallflower Replacement Diffuser Wicks

Small Plastic Ziploc Bags

Steam Mop

70 Bottle Carrying Case



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