Since we must be quarantined and all, we thought we'd bring some fun activities to you and your family around health and wellness.


Go to the link included to create your own bundle.



$6 per Adult or Child's bracelet + Peace and Calming Oil


These items are all set "at cost". There is no profit made on this class.


Please order ASAP as all items need to be shipped by Monday, March 23rd in order to arrive in time for the class. Limited supplies.


*Shipping is $5 a Flat Rate on our site for all items.




Two LIVE Event Times or you can catch the replay at your convenience

Friday, March 27th at 7pm

Monday, March 30th at 4pm



Aromatherapy Bracelet Virtual Class Ticket

  • This class will be hosted:

    1. On the JPF FB Page LIVE


    2. You can interact with us virtually on Skype at the following link:

    *I recommend that you download and find me on Skype prior to class to be added to the group: If you cannot find it, please don't hesitate to message me Lauren Jackson.


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