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Savanah Nabors



About Savanah.

Hey y’all! I’m a wife to a strong and wonderful military man, Grant Nabors. We are parents to a beautiful and hilarious 14 month old little girl, Emelia (Emmy) Adair. Our life is crazy! Because of the military lifestyle, I have had to take on a lot of one-on-one mommy time, but I’m soaking it all up! I have a Master’s in Counseling and am working on my professional licensure! I have a background working with children that have endured trauma, and I am passionate about helping them heal and overcome the trials they have had to face in life.

Why Oils?

I first began oils to help myself and my daughter with sleep, immunity, and emotional stability. I now use them for EVERYTHING. I clean with them. I wear them. I diffuse them. I roll them! I drink them...what else? Oils have been a game changer for my family!


My goal is to eventually become a chemical-free household and help all my friends and family do the same! Best of all, and most unexpectedly, Young Living has provided me with a community of the most amazing people to work alongside! I love the friendships I am building with this business and the opportunity it is giving me for a flexible future!

Fave Oils:

Valor (Confidence, Emotional Stability) Stress-Away (I need this for all the tantrums, the messes, the chasing, shall I continue?) Copaiba- Teething...all the teething!

Fave Products/Recipes:

Crisp Fall Day: Raven + Thieves: ahhh it smells just as good as it sounds! Sleep Blend: Peppermint + Lavender + Copaiba + Stress Away

Essential Oils

100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade


About Oils.

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. We offer essential oils, blends, and oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximize their potency.

The Oily Blog
Oily Memberships

Young Living

Becoming a member means that you get all your products at a 24% discount. Becoming a member does not mean you have to sell oils. It does not mean you need to make monthly purchases. But it does mean you are able to join the rewards program earning 10-25% back each month on your purchases. To become a member, you start by purchasing a starter kit; and the kits start at just $35.

Premium Starter Kit with Dessert Mist Diffuser- $165

- Samples of all 12 Premium Starter Kit Oils

- Dessert Mist Diffuser

- Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves Spray 

- Endless education and product training

- Self-paced beginner course, endless blogs, and resources for the starter kit, exclusive fb groups and community

$400+ value

 Oils Made Simple

Lifetime Membership- Try it before you buy it

One Time Fee ,$25

The simple starter Crash-course I wished I had

-Samples of all 12 Premium Starter Kit Oils

-Mini DIY roller blend, thieves household cleaner, and bath salts

-Self-paced beginner course, endless blogs, and resources for the starter kit

$100 value

 l+o Club

monthly subscription-

only $15.95

-2 new exclusive of Essential Oil Diffusing, Handmade Jewelry pieces from of our 

- FREE Oil of the month sample

Up to $50 value

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